Coast to Coast Award

The Coast-to-Coast award is earned by RUSA members who have successfully completed four different Randonneurs Mondiaux 1200km-or-longer randonnées held in the United States.

A member may earn multiple Coast-to-Coast awards. No event or different editions of the same event may be used more than once among multiple awards. For example, if Boston-Montreal-Boston 2002 is used in a member's Coast-to-Coast award, BMB'06 (or other edition) may not be used to claim another award.

Qualifying events include the following:

  • Boston-Montreal-Boston
  • Gold Rush Randonnée
  • Last Chance 1200
  • Cascade
  • Bonifay Cycling Challenge
  • Shenandoah 1200
  • Endless Mountains 1240
  • Big Wild Ride (Alaska)
  • Colorado High Country
  • Texas Rando Stampede
  • Taste of Carolina
  • California Central Coast Randonnée
  • Natchez Trace 1500
  • Sunshine 1200
  • Carolina Spring
  • Cracker Swamp
  • Blue Ridge to Bay 1200
  • Coulee Challenge
  • Florida Tip to Tail 1600
  • Hound Dog 1200
  • Northern Virginia Cloverleaf
  • Craters 1200
  • Waterfalls 1200
  • Treasure Cove 1200
  • Mason Dixon 1200
  • New York-Montreal-New York

The four events needed to qualify for the award can be completed at any time and over any number of years.

RUSA congratulates the riders who earned and applied for the Coast to Coast 1200km Award.

Apply for this award online.

coast-to-coast plaque