RUSA Ultra K-Hound Award

Whereas the K-Hound award recognizes the riders who accumulated at least 10,000km during a calendar year, the Ultra K-Hound Award recognizes the completion of ten (10) K-Hounds. There is no time limit; there may be gaps between any of the calendar year sequences that define each K-Hound. [K-Hound award details].

It is likely that members will have applied previously for each of the ten component K-Hound awards; however, it is not a requirement to have done so. A given year can only be used towards one K-Hound award and one may earn only one Ultra K-Hound award during a ten-year period. The applicant must be a RUSA member during each of the 10 years in which the K-Hound award was earned.

Award recognition and memento fulfillment is carried out automatically by the Awards and Medals committee volunteer for the Ultra K-Hound. It is not necessary for members who qualify to apply.

Members who have earned this award.

Ultra K-Hound award

RUSA Ultra K-Hound Award