RUSA Rouleur Award

The RUSA Rouleur award is earned by completing at least one event within each type and distance range of event listed below. 


  • RUSA Rouleur recipients must complete, in the same calendar year:
    • a 100-124 km populaire
    • a 125-149 km populaire
    • a 150-199 km populaire
    • a 200-220 km brevet
    • an 8-hour Dart populaire team randonnée of 120 km or longer. At least three team members must finish the ride together for this event to count for the award.
  • The recipient must be a current member of Randonneurs USA during each of the qualifying rides.
  • Each counting ride must be an event on the Randonneurs USA calendar. Permanents and foreign events cannot be used to earn this award.
  • The award can only be earned once per calendar year per member.
  • Longer events cannot be substituted for shorter events (e. g., a 130 km populaire cannot be used for the 100-124 km counting event requirement; a 13.5-hour Dart team randonnée cannot be used for the 8-hour Dart team populaire.)

Award and Recognition

RUSA congratulates the riders who have earned the Rouleur Award.

Awardees may optionally purchase the physical award (no application necessary for the award).