RUSA Distance Awards


  • RUSA members who accumulate at least 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, or 5000km in qualifying events during a calendar year

What events qualify?

  • all events on RUSA's calendar
  • all RUSA permanents, including RUSA sanctioned Super Randonnée permenants.
  • but NOT events held outside the United States

How is the distance calculated?

  • The official ("advertised") distance of a brevet, populaire, or randonnée is used, even if the actual distance or cue sheet is somewhat longer.
  • For team rides, the minimum qualifying distance is used, even if the team went further (i.e., 360km for a flèche or arrow, 180km for a dart).

Multiple awards

  • Multiple RUSA Distance awards may be earned in a calendar year; for example, someone with 6250km of qualifying events may apply for a 5000km and a 1000km award. Other legal combinations of awards (e.g., 4000km + 2000km or 3000km + 3000km) are also permitted. Similarly, someone with 3142km in qualifying events could apply for a 3000km medal, a 2000km + 1000km, or three 1000km medals.
  • Note that each award application must stand on its own. If an applicant had exactly 6000km in qualifying events and wished to obtain both a 5000km and a 1000km award, there must exist a set of events that totals exactly 5000km and another set that totals exactly 1000km. Therefore, plan and choose the events to be used for each award application carefully.

Apply for this award online.

Award applications are accepted year-round.