P-12 Award

The P-12 Award is earned by riding a sub-200km randonneuring event in each of 12 consecutive months. The counting sequence can commence during any month of the year but must continue uninterrupted for another 11 months.

Events that count toward the P-12 Award are:

  • Any populaire (100km - 199km) on the RUSA calendar.
  • Any dart of less than 200km.
  • Any RUSA permanent of 100km - 199km. A particular permanent route may be ridden more than once during the twelve-month period for P-12 credit.

The award is modeled on the R-12 award. It is intended to encourage riding shorter events, particularly in harsh climates where longer rides might not be offered.

Which month is credited?

  • If an event straddles two months (e.g., July 31st-August 1st), it counts toward the month in which the event begins.
  • The scheduled date of the ride determines which month is credited. If the applicant rides a workers' pre-ride that falls in the month preceding the scheduled date, e.g., a ride on 3/29 for a populaire scheduled for 4/4, the scheduled month (in this case, April) gets credit.
  • If the event is postponed into the next month (e.g., a 4/25 populaire postponed to 5/2), the scheduled month (in this case, April) gets credit.
  • Permanents are considered to be scheduled on the date actually ridden. If the date of the ride needs to be changed, it is treated as a new arrangement to ride the permanent.

Other requirements:

  • The P-12 counts a series of months in which one or more sub-200km rides were completed. Therefore, a given month can only be used towards one P-12 award and one may earn only one P-12 award during a twelve-month period.
  • The applicant must be a RUSA member during each of the twelve months.
  • Rides of 200km or more cannot be substituted for shorter ones.

RUSA congratulates the riders who earned and applied for the P-12 award.

Apply for this award online. *

The website now supports applying for R-12 series completed after the pause from April through July, 2020.
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