The Mondial Award

The Mondial Award is for RUSA members who have successfully completed at least 40,000 km in RUSA events.

[mondial: French adjective meaning worldwide or global. The name relates to the fact that the circumference of the Earth is approximately 40,000 km].

This award is achieved by a member for completing every 40,000 km in RUSA rides. (That is, after achieving 40,000 km, 80,000 km, and so forth.)  It is automatically recognized upon completion of the required distance. Purchase this award online.

The qualifying distance for this award is based on all events on RUSA's calendar held in the United States after 1998. Foreign events (including PBP) are not counted.

  • ACP brevets and flèches on the RUSA calendar
  • RUSA brevets, populaires
  • arrows
  • darts
  • RUSA permanents
  • RUSA sanctioned Super Randonnée permanents
  • Grand Randonnée (1200 km and longer) events on the RUSA calendar

RUSA congratulates the riders who have earned the Mondial Award.

Mondial award