The RUSA Cup is earned by completing at least one of each type of RUSA calendared event, comprising 5000km in total, within a two-year period, with one exception.*


  • Rider must complete (no substitutions):
    • brevets with official distances in each of the following ranges:
      • 200km - 299km
      • 300km - 399km
      • 400km - 499km
      • 600km - 999km
      • 1000km - 1199km
    • a 1200km or longer Grand Randonnée
    • a RUSA team event (Dart, Dart Populaire, Arrow, or Flèches-USA event)
    • a Populaire (100km - 199km)
    • any other calendared events - including Populaires - to achieve the required 5000 km.
  • Events must be completed within two years of the first counting event.
  • The time period from first counting event to final counting event must not overlap that of a previously-claimed RUSA Cup.
  • All events must be on the RUSA calendar. (They may be ACP- or RM-sanctioned or not.) Permanents do not count, nor do Paris-Brest-Paris or other foreign events.
  • Distance credit for team events is based on the minimum required distance set by the RBA for the event, even if the team went further.

The award is retroactive: applicants may apply based on events ridden since the founding of RUSA.

* Riders whose two-year period includes one or more months in 2020 have an extra year (three years in all) to complete the award requirements. Questions? Contact

Award and Recognition

RUSA congratulates the riders who earned and applied for the RUSA Cup.

Apply for this award online. Once you have applied, you may optionally purchase the physical award.