2018 RUSA Board of Directors and RBA Representative Elections

The deadline for casting ballots is November 15, 2017.

It is time again for our annual elections. These RUSA members have been nominated for positions on the RUSA Board. The general board members serve three-year terms, while the RBA Liaison, nominated by the RBAs, serves a one-year term. (Remember, only RBAs can vote for the RBA Liaison position.) Read the candidate statements to learn more about each nominee below. Here are the online ballots for voting:

   RUSA Board of Directors Election Electronic Ballot

   RUSA RBA Liaison Electronic Ballot (RBAs only)

Or you may email your vote to: president@rusa.org with the subject: RUSA Board Election 2017. When voting by e-mail, be sure to include:

  • Your name
  • Your RUSA membership number
  • The names of the candidate or candidates you are voting for

Or you may print out and mail this ballot. Ballots must be received by November 15, 2017.

Candidates for the RUSA Board

Pete Dusel
John "Cap'n" Ende
Lois Springsteen

Candidate for RBA-L

Jake Kassen

RUSA Board Candidate Statements

Pete Dusel, RUSA #25

Ontario, NY

Pete Dusel

Over the years I've had the pleasure of meeting and riding with many of you. For those of you who don't know me, a bit of an introduction.

I rode my first brevet in 1994, and was immediately hooked by the long pleasant rides, comradery, and non-competitiveness of our sport. It is all of us against the cut-off, and the willingness of fellow riders to stop and help another, or encourage them along is a huge draw for me. Since then, I've ridden many kilometers, and I am still amazed at how far we can go in a day under our own power! I have ridden brevets of all lengths with RUSA, RUSA's predecessor, and in foreign countries, including PBP in France. I'm also a long time member of Randonneurs Ontario, Canada, giving me experience working with foreign clubs.

For over eight years, I've been an RBA, route designer and perm owner. I have had the pleasure of hosting many of you on my LOL 1,000k. One of the few events that requires a passport check at check in!

For my day job, I design integrated circuits. This is done with a in a virtual environment spread across three continents, and 17 time zones. This is how the RUSA board works, and I am ready to jump into that environment.

With my background, as rider, volunteer, perm owner, and RBA, I would now like to bring this experience, and my other skills, to work for you on the RUSA board.

John "Cap'n" Ende, RUSA #1484

Asheville, NC

John Ende

I joined RUSA in 2003, and in the years since I have collected unforgettable memories, countless stories and treasured friends.  I was hooked by randonneuring the first time we stopped for pizza -- and I’ve been eating and riding my way around the world ever since.

I’ve enjoyed exploring the US by bicycle riding East Coast, West Coast and Middle America brevets. I have loved every minute (almost) of my four Paris Brest Paris rides, and I have completed other grand randonées in France, Belgium, the United Kingdom and Australia, making many randonneuring friends along the way. I am the founder of the Adrian Hands Society, which was set up to honor a randonneuring buddy who believed every ride should be lived to its fullest. Our membership now includes like-minded full value cyclists from around the world.

I have been humbled to share the road with some of the “legends” of randonneuring and now it is time that I share their goal to carry our organization forward. I have no agenda other than to give back to a sport that I know and love, and to find ways to give all cyclists the means and opportunity to try their very first brevet. 

I want to encourage other riders to join our peloton and live every ride to the fullest. I’d appreciate your support.

Lois Springsteen, RUSA #8

Santa Cruz, CA

Lois Springsteen

I began my randonneuring career as a member of International Randonneurs and rode my first Super Randonneur series in 1990 and I’ve been hooked since then. I’m proud of the part I’ve played in the growth of our sport in the U.S. I’ve served Randonneurs USA since its founding in 1998 in almost every capacity over the years (President, Vice President, Brevet Coordinator, Membership Coordinator, Webmaster, Rules Committee, Newsletter Editorial Committee, Safety Officer, Representative at Randonneurs Mondiaux in Paris, RBA for the Santa Cruz Randonneurs, and event organizer for the 3CR 1000k/1200k).

We early RUSA members used the internet technology of the time and worked energetically to provide excellent member service and provide a framework for our Regional Brevet Administrators to create great randonneuring events. As I look forward to 2018 and my retirement from my professional career, I will have more time to volunteer for RUSA. I still support RUSA’s expanding use of technology to:

  • provide more tools for our hard-working RBAs
  • develop networking opportunities for our members
  • create a collaborative and efficient environment for our dedicated volunteers

Many of us have developed lifelong friendships through randonneuring and I want that to continue for everyone. I look forward to hearing your ideas on how to share the joy of our sport with future members.

Board of Directors Candidate Contact Emails

RBA-L Candidate Statements

Only RBAs may cast votes for RBA-L.

Jake Kassen, RUSA #3598

Boston, MA

Jake Kassen

I've been a Randonneur since 2006 and an event organizer since 2009. In 2014 I became RBA for the Boston region (New England Randonneurs) and shortly thereafter created the Cardomatic (http://rusa.cards) system in part to make the sport easier to administer. I'd like to apply the same logic as RBA Liaison.

My concern with RUSA is that we are not adjusting to change as fast as our riders and organizers. As a result, we are not attracting new riders and occasionally putting burdens on RBAs.

As much as I'm a randonneuring traditionalist myself, I believe we should be open to change and experimentation. For example, if an RBA wants to run a GPS-Only (no cue sheet) event they should have the flexibility to do so. The same could be said for experiments with photo controls or even GPS track verification -- provided the decision is left to the local RBA. We can modify the regulations if we find these methods aren't working.

From discussions with previous RBA Liaisons I know that a big part of the position is working with RBA concerns, particularly when new regions are formed. While it's acknowledged that not every resolution will be favored by all involved, I pledge to be fair and understanding.

Finally, I'd like to see better communication between the RUSA board and RBAs. Timely updates to board minutes and email announcements are needed. While the Board has the final say on decisions, there should be more opportunity for local RBAs to weigh in on matters which concern them.


RBA-L Candidate Contact Email