RUSA 100km-225km Events Ok'd for July!

The board has accepted the recommendation of RUSA's Pandemic Resource Committee for July.  We will publish more details next week, but in brief ...

Events calendared for July 1 or later with distances from 100 km to 225 km will be sanctioned, excluding Team Events (Darts and Dart Populaires). Some awards may remain unavailable - see details to follow.

RBAs who choose to run events will be submitting their plans for organizing and running safe events - including complying with local jurisdictions' requirements, travel considerations, etc. These plans will be shared among all RBAs.

Permanents are part of the plan but we still have much work to do.  Members are submitting routes for the library.  The web team is working on the new centralized program.  Routes are being reviewed; documentation is being written.  We don't have a go-live date yet.

The pandemic isn't over.  As we speak, cases are increasing in some US States.  We have to proceed cautiously - organizers and riders - to minimize risk to ourselves and our communities.   We hope that we can stay open and expand our offering in subsequent months but there is much beyond our control and we will continue to monitor the situation with respect to sanctioning future events.

Consult your local RBA for July calendaring plans and measures for safe registration and riding.