RUSA Events in May

Our hold on sanctioning events will extend at least through the end of May. 

Given where the country is now, on the leading edge of this pandemic, social distancing encouraged until at least the end of April and all but 8 states (as of this writing) with stay-at-home orders, and all 50 states in a disaster declaration, our Pandemic Response Committee has recommended that we extend the hold through the end of May. 

The RUSA board has voted and accepted that recommendation.

We understand that solo and small group riding is still occurring in some states where encouraged or permitted by law, but none of that will be for RUSA, ACP, LRM credit or covered by RUSA insurance, until we resume sanctioning events.

By mid May, we expect to provide guidance for June. 

Dave Thompson, for the RUSA Board.

April 14, 2020