P-12, R-12, and K-Hound Accommodations because of Perms Suspension

We hope that by end of December, members seeking to continue P-12 and R-12 streaks, and K-Hound aspirants will have been able to achieve their goals. If because of the Perms program suspension in early December you haven't been able to by 12/31, you will be allowed to perform make-up rides in January, 2019. 

P-12 and R-12: in the month of January, you may ride a 100k permanent populaire towards P-12 credit and/or a 200k permanent towards R-12 credit. Distances over 100km  and 200km, respectively, will be rounded down to 100km and 200km when we process the make-ups.

K-Hound: If you would have been able to reach K-Hound status but for the one-week permanents suspension, you can apply to ride make-up permanents in January. Contact Dan Driscoll for details and to report your intention to ride make-ups in January.  You should do this before riding make-ups. Thank you, Dan!

Procedure: Apply to the route owner and sign the waiver in the normal way, do your ride(s), submit your materials, and wait for the result(s) to be posted. At that point you can register your ride(s) as make-up, using a form on the website.

We will take care of the rest. Your rides will be credited to dates in December, for perms of 200k and/or 100k distance. This means they will count towards 2018 distance and awards for which perms are eligible, and will not count towards 2019.

Thanks again for your resiliency and support during the early December Permanent suspension, and for your flexibility in this make-up scheme.