Permanents Program Resumption - effective immediately


We are pleased to announce the resumption, effective immediately, of our Permanents Program, as well as the return to normal operations of our Brevet Program.

In this season of gratitude we have many thanks to express:

  • To our members for your patience and understanding, and for the emails of support we received.  Thank you.
  • To the dedicated team of RBAs, many of whom stepped up on very short notice to offer additional riding opportunities in your regions, for your flexibility, patience and thoughtful input throughout this process.  Thank you.
  • And to the hard-working volunteers on the Brevet Coordinating and Insurance Committees, for all the extra hours you put in without complaint during this very busy period.  Thank you.

P-12, R-12 and K-hound aspirants

We know that the week-long pause in the Permanents Program may have made it more difficult to plan your December rides to continue or complete your pursuit of these prestigious awards.   Wherever possible, we encourage you to use the remaining 24 days of the month to achieve these goals.   Aspirants for whom the week-long pause made the achievement of those goals impossible will be offered a make-up allowance.  Details will be posted on the RUSA website within the next week.

As always, if you have questions, comments or concerns, please reach out to us at