New RUSA Wool Jersey - group order deadline January 14

We're now collecting a group order for some new, super nice, wool RUSA short sleeve jerseys direct from Spain. In a nutshell, we're accepting orders via the RUSA Store to submit to Cima Coppi on Jan 14th for expected delivery around Feb 28th. By grouping the orders, we're able to save about $35 per jersey. 

Order now on the RUSA Store (under apparel, scroll down): 

We think the jerseys are really snappy -- the colors are bold and the graphics are subtle. (See images below.)

Two short sleeve jerseys are being offered:

  • Light Weight ("Ultralight"): This is a 97% merino wool jersey cut like a synthetic -- full zip front, three pockets on the back, elastic waistband, snug fit. Many people say this is their favorite jersey. 
  • Mid Weight: A more traditional 100% merino wool jersey with 1/4 zip front and three pockets back but not heavy and thick like some "classic" jerseys.

Both are available in Women's and Men's cut in a variety of sizes. Pay close attention to the sizing chart -- we've been told they run snug so consider going a size up if you prefer a looser jersey.  

Fine Print:

  • For each fabric type (light and midweight), we need to collect at least 25 orders or the order will be canceled and riders refunded in full.  
  • After the cut-off date of Jan 14th you can still order direct from Cima Coppi ( but you'll need to pay the retail price of approx. $175 / $150 with shipping and use a credit card that handles Euro payments.
  • Postage directly from Spain is included in the RUSA store price. 
  • RUSA is using its store to simplify collecting the orders and payment in US Dollars. Otherwise the order is being handled directly by Cima Coppi. RUSA won't be able to offer exchanges, refunds, etc. 
  • There are no plans to organize another group purchase. If you want to order with a big discount, now's the time. 

Finally, huge thanks to RUSA's treasurer Dave Thompson who's doing the hard part of working with Cima Coppi, processing the group order, etc. 

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Lightweight Wool Jersey
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Midweight Wool Jersey