RUSA Board Elects 2017 Officers

RUSA’s governing body is pleased to announce the list of officers for 2017. The election was held during a board meeting in January:

  • President — John Lee Ellis. Ellis, the RBA for the Boulder region, was elected as president.
  • Vice President — Lois Springsteen. Springsteen, former Santa Cruz region RBA, was elected as vice president.
  • Treasurer — David Thompson. Thompson, a Central Florida Randonneurs member, was elected as treasurer.
  • Secretary — Paul Rozelle. Rozelle, the RBA for the Central Florida region, was elected as secretary.

The 2017 board will be comprised of Deb Banks, John Lee Ellis, Nigel Greene, Susan Otcenas, Paul Rozelle (RBA-Liaison), Lois Springsteen, and David Thompson.

The board extends its sincere appreciation to departing board members Lynne Fitzsimmons, Spencer Klaassen, and Mark Thomas for their many years of service.