PBP'23 Update: Pre-Registration Slots and What To Do

Rob Hawks, our RBA Liaison, reports:

At this point, there are no slots left in the 90 hour group for riders on regular bikes. I suspect the same is true for the 80 hour group as well. The webpage shows slots in those groups in very low numbers (see below), however those are almost certainly for special bikes or may be reserved internally in some other way. There are abundant slots left in the 84 hour group. If you want to complete *pre-registration* the best advice to give right now is to select a slot in that 84 hour group, continue to complete your 2023 qualifiers, and on or after May 27th, convert to full registration and hope that there are openings as some pre-registrants decide to drop out. You have until later in June to convert to full registration so you don't lose anything on May 28th.

Additionally, now is a good time to point out that any one capable of completing a 90 hour PBP is very likely able to complete an 84 hour PBP given that one would begin the 84 hour start with a full night's sleep and would be riding PBP in more daylight hours than those in the 90 hour group.

There will be a RUSA sponsored PBP Prep seminar on Sunday, April 2nd, 10am Pacific, 1pm Eastern, that will primarily be about the Bag Drop Services offered by some RUSA members, but will also include a short segment by Mark Thomas on what to expect next for those that have pre-registered. if you have seen Mark's previous presentations in the PBP Prep seminar series, you know it will be thorough. 

Rob has already posted details about this webinar. It will be recorded, in case you can't make the live session, or wish to review.





Date Time limit Remaining places
20/08 80h00 5
20/08 90h00 24
21/08 84h00 408