RUSA Awards Update

With the resumption of permanents on August 1 and events on September 1, members can now resume pursuing RUSA awards!

RUSA Cup, R-12, and P-12 are the only awards that aren't "business as usual".  These awards have special provisions to accommodate time lost during the event outage March - July and the perm outage from December, 2019 through July, 2020.

RUSA Cup - Your RUSA Cup has a one year extension (i.e., 3 years total) if your period to qualify includes part or all of 2020.  For example, if your first counting event was 6/15/2018, you now have through 6/14/2021 to qualify (rather than 6/14/2020).

R-12 / P-12 - For a series begun in any month from 1/2019 through 3/2020:

  1. Your rides prior to 12/2019 must be in contiguous months.
  2. In the period 12/2019 - 3/2020, you may count up to four rides (ridden in any of these months) as part of your 12-ride series .
  3. In the period 4/2020 - 7/2020, no rides count.
  4. You can resume your series in any month from 8/2020 through 1/2021. Once you have ridden a qualifying ride in one of those months, the subsequent counting months must be contiguous - no breaks - until completing your 12-ride series.

Example: Your streak started 9/2019, and you rode qualifying rides in 9/2019, 10/2019, 11/2019, and 2/2020 (but missed December and January).

  • You now have 4 months in your series.
  • If you resume in 9/2020, you now need 9/2020, 10/2020, 11/2020, 12/2020, 1/2021, 2/2021, 3/2021, and 4/2021 (8 more months, which must be contiguous).