RUSA Board Elects 2015 Officers

January 28, 2015

RUSA's governing body is pleased to announce the list of officers for 2015. The election was held during a board meeting in January:

  • President — Mike Dayton. A North Carolina randonneur, Dayton was re-elected as RUSA's president.
  • Vice President — Rob Hawks. Hawks, the RBA for the San Francisco region, was re-elected as vice-president.
  • Treasurer — Susan Otcenas. Otcenas, a new board member from Oregon, was elected as treasurer. She replaces Eric Vigoren.
  • Secretary — Bill Beck. Beck, a DC Randonneurs member and former RBA for that region, was elected as secretary.

The 2015 board will be comprised of Beck, Dayton, Lynne Fitzsimmons, Hawks, Spencer Klaassen (RBA-Liaison), Otcenas and Mark Thomas.

The board extends its sincere appreciation to departing Board member Eric Vigoren for his many years of service to RUSA as treasurer.