RUSA is pleased to announce that Permanent routes are available for members to ride for the first time in 2004. These are routes that you can ride on any day (with certain restrictions) by agreement with the route organizer. Riding Permanent routes will gain you credit towards RUSA awards.

At the time of writing, 12 routes have been approved and are entered in RUSA's online database.

We are keen to expand the database and add routes covering more parts of the country. If you have a favorite long distance ride in your area, how about making it into a Permanent route for others to enjoy! Any RUSA member can submit a route--- you do not need to be an RBA. One particular way that a Permanent can offer something different from a typical brevet is the point­to­point route, and we are especially keen to add some of these to the list.

If you are interested in becoming a route organizer, you can find more information online in the RBA Resources section of the web site. For more general information on Permanents, look in the FAQ section of the web site.

If you have questions not covered at either of these locations, contact Permanents committee Robert Fry at (319) 226-5436, or by email.

DistanceDistanceAvailableContactTelephone #
350 KmElmira, NYJune--OctoberJennifer Barber315-475-8956
403 KmElmira, NYJune--OctoberJennifer Barber315-475-8956
207 KmTully, NYMay--NovemberJennifer Barber315-475-8956
213 KmCleburn, TX12 MonthsDan Driscoll817-460-5734
200 KmMineral Wells, TX12 MonthsDan Driscoll817-460-5734
205 KmArlington, TX12 MonthsDan Driscoll817-460-5734
207 KmWaterford, WIMay--OctoberJim Hlavka262-637-9017
208 KmCedar Falls, IAApril--OctoberRobert Frey319-226-5436
205 KmWaterloo, IAApril--OctoberRobert Frey319-226-5436
300 KmWaterloo, IAApril--OctoberRobert Frey319-226-5436
406 KmWaterloo, IAApril--OctoberRobert Frey319-226-5436
154 KmSanta Cruz, CA12 MonthsBill Bryant831-425-2939