The fifth General Assembly of Randonneurs Mondiaux was held Aug. 23, 2003. Delegates of 19 member countries were present.

Voting Members in attendance: South Africa: T.E Thomlinson; Germany: Claus Czycholl; Australia: Hans Dusink, Barry Moore; Austria: Klaus Baumel; Belgium: Louis Berinckx, Constant Devos; Bulgaria: Dimitar Balanski, Lazarus Vladislvos; Canada: Michel Richard, Harold Bridge; Denmark: Niels Ole Fredriksen; Spain (Catalan): Francesc Porta, ?? Soleanon; Spain (Vasco): J.L. Garcia­ Rodriguez; Finland : Paavo Nurimen; France (ACP): Pierre Théobald, Robert Lepertel, Suzanne Lepertel; Holland: Jan Pieter Brohoven, Robert Leduc; Ireland : Paul O'Donoghue; Japan: Yuko Kato, H. Isumaru; United Kingdom: Noël Simpson; Russia: Valery Komotchov; Sweden: Jean Claude Muzellec; United States: Jennifer Wise, Bill Bryant, Lois Springsteen. Associate Members (without voting privileges): Australia (Western): Mathew Rawnsley; Brazil: Manuel Terra; Canada (Manitoba): Brian Leier, Susan Leier. Absent: Greece: Missail Missaildes; Italy: Roberto Cuffia representing E. Dogleg; Norway: Gunner Suggested; Ukraine: Uri Levkovski; (Canada):Alberta Randonneurs (Ken Myhre); Ontario Randonneurs; Quebec (Club Vélo randonneur de Montréal (Jean Roberts); Saskatchewan (Prairie) Randonneurs (Ted Quade) Translators: Avery Juhring, Johnny Bertrand

President Real Prefontaine welcomed all delegates and especially the new members from Japan and Brazil. On behalf of all PBP participants he thanked the ACP and its hundred of volunteers for the organization of the largest PBP on record: 4,187 randonneurs were registered; 4067 started and 3,465 finished (completion rate of 85.2%). On behalf of the foreign randonneurs, a special thanks was given to Robert and Suzanne Lepertel who homologated the more than 17,000 brevets from foreign countries in 2003. A special presentation was made to Suzanne Lepertel for her dedication. In the absence of clearly defined rules on voting in the current structures of RM, it was accepted that a simple majority vote would be used to adopt or reject a recommendation or motion presented during the General Assembly deliberations. Based on the number of voting members present, nineteen (19), it was decided that a majority would be of at least ten (10) votes.

The Treasurer presented the Financial Status of the current year. At end of July 31, 2003 the RM had a bank balance of 7,723 Euros. Although our current financial status is solvent, the Treasurer recommended the annual membership fee be increased. Following a discussion, twelve (12) delegates voted in favor of an increase to 30 Euros per year. The motion was carried. The Treasurer stated this increase would become effective on January 1, 2004.

According to the decision approved at the 1999 meeting of the General Assembly, the purchase of a medal is compulsory to receive validation of Brevets of 1200 km or more. To continue with this policy will require reordering medals. The President reported that in the last three years, several randonneurs participated in more than one brevets of 1200 or more and always received the same medal. The design of the current medal does not lend itself to customization to a specific brevet. Some countries felt requiring the awarding of an RM medal be abandoned totally. Faced with this situation, the Executive presented four options to the delegates: 1) Maintain the current RM medal; 2) First time participants in a BRM of 1200 km or more would be required to purchase a medal; 3) Create a new design for an RM medal with space for customization to a specific event; 4) Discontinue an RM medal. After discussion, the vote was 13 voting in favor of proposal #3, and 4 against.against. The motion was adopted. It was also agreed to invite all randonneurs to compete for a design. The price of the medal will be set after a design has been selected. The new medal will be available after the stock of current medals has been depleted.

The President put forth the motion that BRM of 1200 km or more be allowed and validated by the President of RM in the same year of PBP. This would be a reversal of the policy now in effect as stated in the 1989 Protocol of Agreement between the ACP and the RM. The reason given for this request was that many randonneurs from countries far from France cannot afford the expenses of participating PBP. The motion was defeated by majority vote.

The major item of the meeting was the Proposal for By Laws and Regulations. The President thanked members of the Special Committee for their contributions to this project. In July 2003 suggested amendments from Constant Devos of the Fédération Cyclotouriste Belge were sent to all members. The President suggested, and the delegates accepted, that the Proposal and suggested amendments would be presented, debated and voted upon article by article. The "By Laws and Regulations" as approved by the General Assembly are sent as a separate document.

The delegates authorized the incoming executive to proceed with the necessary judicial requirements to register les Randonneurs Mondiaux as a "Not for Profit Association". Further editorial changes to the By Laws may be required to meet these the judicial requirements.

Election of New Officers; The delegates unanimously elected the following officers for the next four years: Hans Dusink of Australia as President; Constant Devos of Belgium as Vice President, and re­elected Robert Lepertel as Treasurer. Robert Lepertel presented Jean­Gualbert Faburel to the delegates indicating he will be assuming the "homologation" responsibilities of the ACP brevets from foreign countries in 2004.

Pierre Théoblad informed the delegates that the ACP will, make a donation to the RM. The amount and transfer of funds will be after the final accounting report of the 15 th PBP.

Respectfully submitted, Réal G. Préfontaine, Immediate past President, RM