It's election time! Eeveryone, please take the time to vote!

PBP Fever. About 17% of RUSA members are headed to PBP. That means that 83% of RUSA members are staying home, to enjoy the last days of the summer cycling season. We ask the majority of our members to bear with us while we focus on PBP, which only comes around once every four years, and is the ultimate randonneur experience. Our PBP fever will break soon.

Absent Hero: For the first time in 24 years, Americans will be without the presence of PBP cycling legend Scott Dickson. Read Scott's fondest PBP recollections .

468 (69 of whom are female) RUSA members are going to PBP. This is the largest contingent of Americans ever in the history of PBP. I hope that all of you finish PBP and that you have the time of your life. It's a long flight home from PBP, and you want to be sitting on that plane, with a smile on your face, a mind full of memories, and some newly-acquired bragging rights.

I'll be at the Randonneurs Mondiaux booth at PBP rider check-in on Sunday August 17. Come by, say hi and get an American Flag sticker for your PBP bike frame number or your helmet (if you want one...). If I'm not there, check the Pizza Pino on the terrace.

Are you the one? One month from now, will you be a PBP Ancien? At the 1999 PBP, Randonneurs USA won the award for the foreign country with highest number (304) of PBP finishers. Audax UK was right behind us. (303) RUSA earned this distinction by virtue of one rider. That one rider did not abandon PBP and made all the difference. You can make all the difference to the American team this year.

That one rider could be you.