les Randonneurs Mondiaux PRESIDENT LETTER # 9 Réal Prefontaine, President March 27 2003

A.- "Le 15e Paris-Brest-Paris"
In less than six months approximately 4000 randonneurs will be gathering in St-Quentin-en-Yvelines for the 15th PBP. With new participants from Japan, Brazil, New Zealand, Switzerland, and Greece for the first time all continents will be represented. We are now truly "Randonneurs Mondiaux".

B.- Randonneurs Mondiaux Jersey.
In January 2003, I sent all of you a SPECIAL BULLETIN advising you of the availability of a distinctive RM Jersey. I refer you to www.lesrm.org web site for details. The Purchase Order Form (or photocopy) must be fully and correctly completed, accompanied with a cheque payable on a French bank exclusively otherwise it will be rejected . As stated, a minimum of 250 purchase orders must be received by June 15 th, 2003, otherwise the order with the manufacturer will be cancelled.

C.-RM display booth at the PBP
Just a reminder. The ACP has allocated a display booth to RM at the Sunday, August 17, 2003 during the final registration formalities. The main purpose of this booth is to provide member Countries/Club an opportunity to distribute information material on their brevets of 1200 km or more. (See PRESIDENT LETTER # 8 for more information). It will also serve, hopefully, as the distribution point for the RM Jersey.

D.- The General Assembly
The sixth GeneralAssembly of les Randonneurs Mondiaux will be held Saturday at 09h00,August 23, 2003. Our Treasurer, Robert Lepertel has reserved a room at the head quarters of the SAN, rue des 4 pavés du Roy, in MONTIGNY LEBRETONNEUX. A street plan will be provided to the participants. For those who do not have means of transportation please indicate this to Robert Lepertel and meet in front of the Gymnase des Droits de l'Homme at 08h30 for transportation to the meeting. A luncheon will be served at the Campanile at 13h00 at an all inclusive price of 32 Euros per person. A maximum of TWO or THREE representatives per country. Confirmation of attendance to the luncheon must be made before June 20 to Robert Lepertel with payment by cheque (payable on a French bank) or by formal understanding (with Bob) for payment in cash, in Euros, at the RM Stand on Sunday, August 17.

E.- Preliminary Agenda of the General Assembly
All members are invited to submit items for the Agenda. The following items have been received to date.
a) Report of the President
b) Financial report by the Treasurer
c) Reconsideration of the 1999 decision for the compulsory purchase of the RM medals/pins to receive validation of events of 1200 km or more; (sponsor: Randonneurs USA)
d) Debate and finalization of the PROPOSAL for By Laws and Regulations

F.- Candidates for President & Vice President (2003 -- 2007)
RM Representatives who wish to submit their candidacy for either position, are asked to send me their name before June 15 th , 2003. The information will be forwarded to all members before the General Assembly in August.

G.- The first twenty years of les Randonneurs Mondiaux
The architect of les Randonneurs Mondiaux, none other than Robert Lepertel, has prepared a historical overview of our organization. You can read his report on our Web Site.

Réal G. Préfontaine