by Jennifer Wise

The Official PBP 2003 Entry Form is in this newsletter. Read all the rules before filling out the entry form on page 17. Refer to the English form before filling out the official French form. When you have all four of your PBP Qualifying Brevet certification numbers, fill out the PBP entry form and enclose

  • a note from your doctor (that is not more than 3 months old)
  • copy of your medical insurance card
  • two passport-size photos
  • a check made out to Randonneurs USA in the amount of $125
  • four self-adhesive mailing labels with your mailing address preprinted on them. (The labels will be used on your PBP controle card, to send you your PBP rider kit in early August and to send you your PBP results package at the end of the year.)
All RUSA PBP entry forms must be sent to RUSA HQ and postmarked no later than July 1. PBP entry forms postmarked after July 1 will not be accepted. If you want to buy an Official PBP 2003 Event Jersey, you must order and pay for it when filling out the PBP entry form. To see the jersey before ordering, visit The Official ACP PBP Jersey .

The RUSA Permanents Program has been approved and will be covered by our insurance policy. These "ride anytime brevets" should appeal to members looking for additional challenges. RUSA members interested in setting up a Permanent route should contact Robert Fry, the Permanents Committee. Permanents rules, FAQs and approved routes will be posted to the RUSA Website. The Permanents Program will be activated for 2004. RUSA Handbooks: If you did not automatically receive a Handbook, send us a self­addressed 6x9 envelope to with $1.06 postage to obtain a free copy.

Super Randonneur Medals: Order early! If you complete a brevets series by June 16, 2003, you are entitled to an ACP Super Randonneur Medal. If you are going to PBP you will get your SR medal there. If you are not going to PBP, please fill out the SR Medal order form, on page 28 and submit it by June 30 by order of the ACP.

Trico Sports offers RUSA members a 45% discount on the purchase of the Iron Case hardside bike carrier. To get the Iron Case 45% discount coupon, email me a request with your name and RUSA number. Sports Basement Special! Take advantage of the 10% RUSA member discount from May 3­9 and Sports Basement will donate a percentage of all sales to RUSA.To receive your discount, simply enter RUSA10 in the coupon code field when checking out. It's an easy way to shop and show your support for RUSA! Go to

Membership Surge: RUSA has welcomed over 500 new members since January. The question is: how many are going to PBP?

PBP is our Olympics: PBP is a once­every­four­years athletic convention. You are an important part of the USA delegation. Medals will be awarded. Finishers will be counted. RUSA members are the American Team. In the history of PBP, only 851 Americans have ever finished PBP. Will you be the 852 nd American finisher of PBP?