Yannis Varouchas 1950-2003

Yannis Varouchas, the highly respected Audax Club Parisien administrator who adeptly handled the arduous task of brevet processing for all foreign countries, died unexpectedly in Nancy, France in early January.

Yannis set up the efficient process of electronic submittal and certification of brevet results of foreign countries for the ACP. His ability to handle the huge influx of numbers in an accurate and timely fashion was unprecedented. His helpfulness and good nature throughout was remarkable, not to men­ tion his ease in speaking, reading and writing English. In 2002, Yannis singlehandedly processed and certified over 7000 ACP brevet results.

A brilliant Professor of Mathematics, and a proud PBP ancien, Yannis was 52 years of age and left behind a wife and two sons ages 17 and 24. Those of us who met Yannis at PBP in 1999 and have worked with him since, are saddened by the news of his death and will cherish our fond memories of him.