Raleigh, NC RBA and 1991 PBP Veteran Alan Johnson, age 59, was seriously injured while on Bike Virginia. He suffered a broken left femur, broken pelvis/ hip and torn left rotator cuff as well as abrasions.

I don't have all the details of what happened, but he did tell me that he was completing a 64 mile loop in Whitfield that included 2 climbs up Mt. Walker and was within a few miles of the tent city. He was stuck by a vehicle and ended up on its windshield. He was flown by helicopter to a Roanoke area hospital. I spoke with him last night and he was groggy from the morphine and was in pain. He is scheduled for six hours of surgery today to work on his hip and I plan on driving up and visiting him this Sunday.

He will remain in Roanoke for another week or so, until he can be moved back home. If you know Alan, please send an email or a get well card and let him know he is in our thoughts and prayers. His email address is alanmj@mindspring.com and his mailing address is:

				Alan M Johnson
				308 Ashe St.
				Morissville, NC 27560­-9253

Alan just completed his brevet series, and was really regaining his form in preparation for next year's PBP.

Submitted by Michael O'Connor
Friday June 28