By Jennifer Wise

Madame Prez

On August 24th, Randonneurs USA will celebrate it's fourth birthday. It's remarkable how far we have come in such a short period of time. It was no fluke that an industrious group of us gathered around a table in Boston to start something and ended up breathing new life into American randonneuring. RUSA, now a registered non-profit corporation, with federal tax-exempt status, is indebted to those who stepped up and donated their time, money and expertise to create this formidable national cycling organization. Some of the original founders have made their contribution, left their mark and moved on. New members have stepped up to replace them and taken RUSA to a new level of organizational efficiency due to their professional talents and their enthusiasm for the sport. These people will eventually move on as well, and that's where you come in. Are you willing to offer your time and accept some responsibility for the continued success of this organization?

Take a good look at the names in the left column of this page. Those are the members who are doing their part to support RUSA. How about putting your name there? Look at the jobs. Pick one you can do. (Trust me, it`s not rocket- science.) Maybe it's your turn to step up. Every year we hold elections so the members can exercise their right to participate in the leadership and administra- tion of this fine organization. RUSA was set up in such a way, that no one person can run the organization, or over- stay their time in office. Those who set up the election guide- lines, were acutely aware of the need to cycle different people through the various positions on the board of directors.

On the back cover of this newsletter is a ballot. Use it. It is imperative that you vote for who you want to operate RUSA. Vote, then put the ballot in an envelope, address it, stamp it and mail it. RUSA started with eight members just four years ago. We now have over 1600 members. RUSA thanks the charter members for leading the way, and the newer members for joining the ride. Where will we be four years from now?