By Bill Strachan

Dedicate your Brevet Series to the NYC Policemen of September 11

I am member of RUSA, and have successfully completed four BMBs and the PBP Centennaire. I have been involved for many years in law enforcement and was the New York City Police Department's first Bicycle Patrol trainer in 1991. I currently serve with the City's Hospital Police Department.

This request appears here through the goodness of RUSA to ascertain/advertise if anyone riding a brevet this year would be interested in dedicating your brevet and donating your medal to the family of a New York City Police Officer who died in the line of duty on September 11, 2001.

If you wish to do so, I will supply you with the name, rank, unit and biographical data regarding one of these officers as well as a photo. I would take responsibility for having the medal engraved with the officer's personal information and "In Memory, September 11, 2001". You may want to dedicate each brevet to a different officer or more than one brevet to them.

The medal will be presented to the family on the first anniversary of the attack or other appropriate ceremony (the NYPD has an annual "Medals Day" for example). The rider and brevet will be named and a certificate of recognition will be sent to you. If you wish to dedicate your brevet to a fallen NYC Police officer and donate your Brevet medal to his/her family please contact me:

Bill Strachan
335 East 13th Street #7
New York, New York 10003
Tel: 212-677-6951

Thank you in advance for the time and cooperation you are extending to me, the officers, their units and their families in consideration of this request. Ride easy and ride safe.