Contributed by Don Hamilton


  • If there are views, add 1 point.
  • If there are views and you can actually see them on the day you do the climb, add 1 point.
  • If there are views, but you are suffering so much you can't see them, subtract 2 points.


  • If the descent is so much fun you laugh out loud or you squeal with pleasure, add 1 point.
  • If the descent is a white­knuckle encounter with your own mortality or you scream in terror, deduct 1 point.
  • If you pass any cars on the descent, add 1 point for each one passed.Corvettes (Ferrari, Porsche, etc, depending on where you live) count as double points. Yugo's count as no points (unless you pass them while riding with a flat tire...).
  • Add 1 point if you get a front wheel flat on the descent at any speed exceeding 30 mph. Add 2 points if you live to tell about it. Bonus point added for breaking the posted speed limit on the descent.


  • If you make it to the top before your riding partner, add 1point.
  • If you ride the entire climb side by side with your riding partner and then pip him/her at the last second for the KOM win, apologize and then add 1 point!
  • If you encounter any high altitude fauna, e.g. mountain goats, pika, chamonix, bighorn sheep, fully kitted mountain climbers, add 1 point.
  • If you encounter any overweight, camera­wielding tourists that walked up, deduct 1 point.


  • If there are famous cyclist's names painted on the road, add 1 point.
  • If your name is painted on the road, add 2 points.
  • If you painted your own name on the road, deduct 3 points.
  • Add 1 point if you get asked at the summit, "did you climb all the way up here on your bike?

    Deflate ego before descending.