Glancing through the August issue of American Randonneur, a couple of things caught my eye ­ on page 2, I see Dennis Hearst's RUSA membership number is 915 ­ by coincidence, this is the same as my Audax UK membership number ­ and strangely enough Dennis and I were roomed together in FIAPAD for a couple of days before the start of PBP '83 ...

I see too that Robert Fry is assuming a more active role as a US organiser. Sheila and I rode with Robert (or should I say slightly behind him) many times, particularly in 1991 when he achieved AUK's ultimate accolade by becoming our individual Champion. Our Championship is judged on the total distance (in events) in a season, 1 point per km for 200s and above. Before that date, the record total of points in a season had stood at 132 (that is, 13,200 kilometres validated), a mark which was set back in 1983. Robert smashed that record in 1991, totalling 212 points, while 4 other riders also surpassed the old mark in the same year. In the process he rode 6 600s on consecutive weekends (I was on holiday and missed the first one, but I was right behind him on the other five!).

We thought his record could never be beaten, but I have to report that it has been passed three times now, the current record­holder being Steve Abraham, who I think has ridden your BMB on fixed. Steve scored 287 in 1996, almost all on fixed gear. Best of luck to Robert Fry, fondly remembered on this side of the pond.

Francis Cooke
Audax UK