By Jennifer Wise

Madame Prez What's Up? The RUSA Board has extended the deadlines for obtaining the RUSA 1000k and 2000k medals to December 1. Also, due to a lack of clarity in the original guidelines for earning these two awards, the RUSA Board has issued the following modification to the rules:

For the year 2000 only, RUSA will accept the following qualifying events to earn the RUSA 1000k or 2000k medal:

  • Brevets of 200k, 300k, 400k, 600k, 1000k
  • 1200k or higher events; domestic and foreign
  • Flèche events are excluded
For the year 2001 and beyond, RUSA will accept the following qualifying events to earn the RUSA 1000k and 2000k awards:
  • 200k, 300k, 400k, 600k, 1000k RUSA sanctioned brevets
  • 1200k events or higher are excluded
  • Flèche events are excluded
  • Domestic events only; no foreign brevets
All RUSA medals will be mailed in December. Check the Awards link to see this year's winners.

Who's Coming and Who's Going
The results of the RUSA Member Election are official. The newly elected Board Members are: Bill Bryant, John Lee Ellis, Dave Jordan, Lois Springsteen, Tim Sullivan and Jennifer Wise. Dave Buzzee has been elected by the RBAs to the Board as the RBA Representative. RUSA welcomes and congratulates the new board members, and thanks retiring founding Board Members Johnny Bertrand, Sherry Reed and Charlie Henderson for their services and contributions to the organization. The existing board will serve until December 31. The newly elected board will be installed in January. • I especially want to thank RUSA Founder, Board Member and Secretary, Johnny Bertand, who has been RUSA's greatest asset and resource. Johnny's computer and language skills along with his experience, patience and persistence, have given RUSA a structurally sound foundation on which to build. Johnny has enhanced, modernized and expedited communications with RBAs and with the ACP by handling all data electronically. He created the RUSA website so everyone can access brevet results, RUSA events, news and information quickly and easily. Although Johnny will vacate his Board position, he remains the Kentucky RBA and an active, vocal member of RUSA. I will continue to call on him in the future for advice, assistance and a "hillbilly" anecdote. • Jim Kuehn will handle RUSA Brevet Results Processing for 2001. • Lois Springsteen will continue as RUSA Webmaster. • Don Hamilton has taken over the RUSA Membership Office for RUSA 2001, succeeding Bill Bryant who superbly managed the membership office since 1998. • Bill will take over administration of RUSA Awards and Medals. Thanks, Bill! • Mark Tharp has resigned as the Springfield MO RBA and will not be hosting any brevets in 2001. We hope Mark is feeling better soon. Perhaps a Springfield RUSA member will volunteer to take over the brevets for 2002. • Please renew your RUSA membership then go mountain biking in the snow and have a festive holiday season.