By Daryn Dodge

June 11-14, 1999

Way back in June, when participation in PBP was still but a dream, the Davis Bike Club finished off the brevet season with a 1000k brevet. At 4:00 PM on a rather warm Friday afternoon, 23 randonneurs embarked on the first leg of the Davis 1000 km brevet. The brevet consisted of two out-and-back routes.

The first leg to Kelseyville and back was 400 km in length and had 11,000 feet of elevation gain, while the second leg to Red Bluff and back was 600 km with 6,000 feet of elevation gain. The journey to Kelseyville went over two 1000+ foot climbs with the final climb containing a wall of 10-15% grade. Having completed the 600 km brevet only 2 weeks earlier, many riders decided to call it quits back in Davis at the end of the first leg. Thus, only 16 intrepid randonneurs started the second leg of the brevet.

What the second leg lacked in climbing was more than made up for with mid-afternoon temperatures in the high 90's. In the end, 15 randonneurs completed the 1000 kilometers within the time limits of 75 hours. Congrats to Bob Weast and Wayne Woodside for completing the final brevet needed to qualify for a Randonneur 5000 medal.

Below are the final results:

          Name                    Club                  Time(hr:min)
     Henry Kingman       San Francisco Randonneurs         50:35
     Paul Vlasveld       Davis Bike Club                   50:35
     Jim Gerpheide       Davis Bike Club                   59:06
     Daniel Crain        Davis Bike Club                   59:06
     Todd Teachout       Davis Bike Club                   59:12
     Michael Aberg       Independent                       59:12
     Robert Weast        Davis Bike Club                   63:38
     T.K. Gardner        Badwater Boys Club                66:14
     Gary Davis          Davis Bike Club                   66:14
     Carl Gasch          Davis Bike Club                   66:31
     Thomas Kuhn         Davis Bike Club                   66:32
     Mary Woodside (T)   Davis Bike Club                   71:26
     Wayne Woodside (T)  Davis Bike Club                   71:26
     Dan Barcellos       Davis Bike Club                   71:26
     David Nakai         North County Cycle Club           71:26

     (T) = Tandem

11 out of 12 of the 1000K finishers listed above went on to participate in, and finish, PBP two months later. Henry Kingman rode PBP with a huge daypack full of food and actually finished PBP in a faster time than the Davis 1000k!

Daryn Dodge