By Johnny Bertrand

Super Randonneur Medal 1999 Currently, there are two Audax Club Parisien awards and honors:

  1. The Super Randonneur Award
  2. The Randonneur 5000 Award

There are two Randonneur Mondiaux awards/honors:

  1. The 1200k medal
  2. The International Super Randonneur award

The rules governing these awards are on the Randonneur Info site under "Documents".

An application form is available there, as well, for all awards but the R5000. The form is not yet available in a PDF format suitable for the web site. The next application period is not till Oct. 2000, so the need is not urgent.

There is no official form/set of rules for the 1200k medal, just a letter from the RM President explaining the award. The 1200k medal is earned by completing a 1200k event. It costs $7 to qualified riders, unless the promoter of the 1200k is including the medal in the entry fee (as in BMB 2000).

Each award requires a completed application, payment in foreign currency , plus supporting documentation.

RUSA plans to coordinate members applying for these awards. We were unable to do this in 1999, simply because we had our hands full with PBP, getting RUSA going, etc. Once we have designated a coordinator, then we will publish a 'how to guide' both on the web site and in the newsletter.

Stay tuned for further details.

Johnny Bertrand
Secretary, RUSA
Brevet Results Administrator


RUSA has the following medals in inventory:

  1. 20 200k Brevet Medals
  2. 12 300k Brevet Medals
  3. 11 400k Brevet Medals
  4. 38 600k Brevet Medals

Each medal costs $6 plus $1 postage. To order contact your local RBA.

The ACP has the following medals in inventory:

  1. 25 200k Brevet Medals
  2. 35 400k Brevet Medals
  3. 20 600k Brevet Medals
  4. 35 1000k Brevet Medals
  5. 30 Super Randonneur Medals

Each medal costs 25 FF ea., (or $6). To order contact ACP's Bob Lepertel via the "Officials" page for France on the Randonneur Info site.