By Jennifer Wise

Madame Prez The Audax Club Parisien awards ceremony was held January 9 in Paris. Randonneurs USA and RUSA members won several awards. This is an outstanding achievement for a new organization. Here's what we won:

1) The City of Paris cup for the club with the most members participating in PBP. Awarded to the Davis Bike Club with 80 members.

2) The Marie Therese Martin cup for the club having the most females participate in PBP. Awarded to the Davis Bike Club; 15 women.

3) The Special Cup for clubs with no cyclists abandoning PBP. Awarded to Spring Bike Club. 8 entered/8 finished.

4) The City of Paris Gold Medal to the club with the most tandems. Awarded to the Davis Bike Club; 8 tandems.

5) The Jerome Billardon Cup to the youngest male PBP participant. Awarded to Ryan Maloney; age 18.

6) The Mayor of Paris Cup to the foreign organization with the best increase in membership. Awarded to Randonneurs USA - 1st year.

7) City of Guyancourt Cup to the best individual time for a female at PBP. Awarded to Melinda Lyon for her time of 53 hrs 11 mins (awarded at PBP).

8) The Challenge Cup offered by S.A.N. to the best time by a mixed tandem at PBP. Awarded to Jodi Groesbeck and Adrian Harris for a time of 49 hrs 03 mins (awarded at PBP).

Villaines La Juhel won the Papillion Award as the best PBP contrôle, followed by Carhaix and Fougeres.

The Golden Tongue Award goes to Kevin Main for the best performance by an American in the 1999 PBP video.

The RUSA Constitution and ByLaws have been officially accepted by the RUSA membership. We thank those who voted promptly and appreciate that you renewed your RUSA membership at the same time.

Let the Brevets begin! Get out your day timer or Palm Pilot and plan your ride schedule for the year. Pick from over 130 events on the RUSA Calendar! There are 35 200k Brevets; 29 300k Brevets; 25 400k Brevets; 26 600k Brevets; 7 1000k Brevets; 9 Fleche events; and one (very special) 1200k. Go to the Randonneur Info site for the International Brevet Calendar.