By Jennifer Wise

Madame Prez This is the Post-PBP issue of American Randonneur, with results, reports, stats, reflections, recollections and photos. I am proud of all the RUSA members who entered PBP. My compliments to those who finished. My condolences to those who did not finish. Congratulations to the USA as the foreign country with the most amount of PBP entrants and for winning an ACP award for the foreign country with the most PBP finishers. (We beat the UK by one rider - so let's not get cocky...) All in all, PBP was a triumph for RUSA. For those of you who just can't get enough of PBP, order the video and relive the experience as many times as you like. For those of you who are sick and tired of PBP, sorry, but it is the ultimate event for Randonneurs... luckily for you PBP only happens once every four years.

Please read the RUSA Constitution & Bylaws, and vote by Dec. 1. It's time to renew your RUSA membership. Oh - and order a new RUSA polo shirt too! See you in the next century.