By Jennifer Wise

Congratulations to all the RUSA members who have successfully completed a Brevet series this year. You all deserve the title of Super Randonneurs!

Now that the Brevet season is officially over, we'd like to thank all the Regional Brevet Administrators across the country for all their hard work in organizing quality Brevets this year, preparing riders for PBP and getting their Brevet results submitted quickly.

We all owe Johnny Bertrand a debt of gratitude for his patience, efficiency and diligence in collecting, formatting, transmitting and sorting over 2900 Brevet Results for RUSA members. Johnny submitted the results to the ACP in France via electronic transmission, which expedited the process. He then posted the results and the certification numbers to the RUSA website, which was a major advance and provided a service to riders in filling out their PBP applications. (but that's another story...)

400 RUSA members are going to PBP, a record for the most amount of riders from the USA to attend PBP.

To those 400 who are going to ride PBP, I wish you a wonderful ride, an truly enjoyable PBP experience and a triumphant finish, wearing your RUSA jersey!

Please come by and say hi - I'll be at the Randonneurs Mondiaux Booth, from 9:00am to 12:00pm Sunday.

To the 500 members not going to PBP, relax and enjoy the last days of summer, on or off the bike.

Bon courage et à bientôt!