Dave Jordan will be running the PBP Bag Drop Service for RUSA members at PBP. Dave will be stationed at Villaines la Juhel (220 km / 136mi) and (990 km /613mi). Claus Claussen will be stationed at Loudeac (444k / 275mi) and (766 km / 475mi).

Both bag drops are open during the controle open hours, until all riders have been accounted for.

  • PBP Bag Drop forms and payment must be received by June 30.
  • PBP Bag Drop participants are requested to use the RUSA duffel bag.
  • Bags larger than 10 x 20 and weighing more than 25 lbs. will not be transported.
  • Participants must identify their bags by affixing their name and hotel at each end and on the straps.
  • Participants must drop off bags at the Hotel Campanile Monday August 23 between 2 PM and 4 PM.
  • Participants must pick up bags from the Hotel Campanile Friday August 27 before 7 PM.
  • Bags left behind are not the responsibility of Randonneurs USA.

Contact Jennifer Wise for details.