By Jennifer Wise

Randonneurs Mondiaux sanctions all events of 1200k and over (except PBP). RM has designed a medal and pin specifically for 1200k achievement. RM invites those who have completed a 1200k event in 1996, 1997 or 1998 to order a Randonneurs Mondiaux Medal or Lapel Pin.

To view the Randonneurs Mondiaux medal go to:

One medal or pin is awarded for each 1200k. If you have completed three 1200k events in the past three years, you are entitled to three items.

Medals cost $8.00, lapel pins cost $7.00. To order, make your cheque out to Jennifer Wise and send to Randonneurs Mondiaux, 10 Bliss Mine Road, Middletown RI 02842. Add $1 per item for postage.

Congratulations to all those who completed a 1200k event in the past three years.