Check out the new Seine promenade, which allows you to walk along the River Seine almost uninterrupted from the Parc André-Citroën in the 15th to the Bibliothèque de France in the 13th, a 7.5-mile journey. Trees are being planted, cobblestones evened out, rest benches installed, as well as comfort stations and several information booths... take a Bateau Mouche cruise along the seine from the Musée d'Orsay... walk down Rue de Rivoli (where Tour De France cyclists loop on the final day) to Rue de la Monnaie at Pont Neuf to La Samaritaine department store... which is huge and impressive ... do some shopping, then have lunch at their rooftop restaurant, which offers a most spectacular view of Paris. Bon appetit! Metro Stop: Pont Neuf.