The Euro

On New Year's Day, the Euro was introduced as a new form of currency in Europe. Currently one Euro is equal to $1.18 in U.S. Dollars. You can still use French Francs and French Franc Travelers Cheques for your trip. They are available from most major banques and any AAA office to AAA members. American Express Travelers Cheques in U.S. Dollars can still be exchanged for French Francs in France during PBP. One U.S. dollar equals 5.6 FF. For currency conversions go to:

and for Euro info, go to:

If you use a credit card or make an international electronic money transfer, the transaction will be done in Euros. The French Franc note will be obsolete by July 1 2002, so don't come home with any, unless you are going back next year or are nostalgic. Tip: Duty free store at the airport... pay for beer, wine or movie headphones on the plane on the way home with french francs!