By Jennifer Wise

Randonneurs USA is celebrating its two-month birthday as this newsletter goes to press. There is a flurry of activity going on behind the scenes, as each committee person and RBA puts in his/her best effort to make RUSA the very best Randonneur cycling organization in the USA.

RUSA is the brainchild of a group of Randonneurs who got together to improve the Randonneur situation in this country. The RUSA Executive Committee is a hard-working, conscientious core-group committed to making RUSA work. We represent all of you who are active and enthusiastic Brevet participants and those who want to participate in Paris-Brest-Paris, the crown jewel event of Randonneur Cycling, run by the Audax Club Parisien (ACP).

RUSA will try to realistically prepare our members for PBP. We will dedicate a special newsletter to detailing the logistics of training, getting there, participating, recovering, and enjoying the ambience of cycling in France.

Scott Dickson will share his thoughts and memories of his various PBP experiences. We'll also hear from someone who completed PBP for the first time in 1995, what he learned and his advice for going back again.

Although, Paris-Brest-Paris is a focal point, for most Randonneurs, there are other brevets, Randonnées, Flèches, and 1200k events that take place around the world. Much as PBP is a truly wonderful experience, you need not leave this continent to enjoy a host of superb cycling events.

We welcome letters, remarks, criticisms, and articles from members on training for the Brevets and PBP. You write it - we'll print it! For answers to questions, call us - or visit the RUSA Web Site at - a great resource, thanks to Johnny Bertrand, webmaster.

I would like to acknowledge and thank Johnny Bertrand and John Wagner for their steadfast, determined and tencious focus on this effort. We-three have been exchanging thoughts for years, and are pleased with the positivie outcome of our mission. The willingness of Dave Jordan and Bill Bryant to take on loads of work and responsibility ,without hesitation, is most appreciated. We are grateful to Avery Juhring for his donation, wit and wisdom. My most heartfelt thanks to my partner Pierce Gafgen for always, being supportive, sensible, and patient. Pierce is the true Randonneur in this house! So if you call me, and Pierce answers, don't hang up.

RUSA wishes thank all the RBAs who have aligned with RUSA (see page 20) and the Davis Bike Club for their vote of confidence and generosity.