Following the post BMB meeting of August 17, 1998, a mailing with a letter of commitment was sent to all Regional Brevet Administrators (RBAs) (2), as well as, a few well known US randonneurs.

They were asked to sign and return the letter of commitment supporting RUSA, ie. promising to register their brevet calendar and have their brevet results validated via RUSA.

The table below summarizes the written responses, as of November 14, 1998.

National Organizers and Well Known Randonneurs
Scott Dickson PBP Champion RUSA
Lon Haldeman PBP, former RAAM Champion, etc. RUSA
Charlie Lamb BMB Founder RUSA
Susan Notorangelo former PBP Champion, RAAM, etc. RUSA
John Wagner PBP, Randonneur 5000 RUSA
Jennifer Wise Boston-Montreal-Boston Organizer RUSA
Total 6
Regional Brevet Administrators
Nom State RUSA IR No Response (1)
Steve Bauman NY - X -
Johnny Bertrand KY X - -
Chip Bole IL X - -
Louis Branz MO - X -
Steve Britt NYC X - -
John Bryan SC X - -
Bob Burns MO X - -
Michael Carson MN X - -
Jerry Davis NM - X -
Daryn Dodge CA X - -
John Lee Ellis CO X - -
Russell Hahn TX X - -
Lon Haldeman WI X - -
Robert Holliday KS X - -
David Holmes IA X - -
John Hughes UT X - -
Alan Johnson NC X - -
Dave Jordan MA X - -
James Konski NY - X -
Jim Kuehn DC X - -
Larry Larson NE - - X
Richard Lawrence NC X - -
Kevin Main CA X - -
Hugh Murphy CA X - -
Don Podolski MA X - -
Marvin Rambo OR X - -
Sherry Reed OH X - -
Larry Ricker WA X - -
Michael Rohacek AK X - -
Darryl Skrabak CA X - -
Gary Smith TX X - -
Jim Solanick FL X - -
Steven Teal GA X - -
Mark Tharp MO - X -
Total 34 Organizers / 25 States RUSA IR No Response
28 5 1

(1): No response means that either we have received no response or that the RBA has responded but not yet made a decision.

(2): The following changes have occurred in the RBA list since the December 1997 list: Sherry Reed replaced Steve Overstreet; Bob Burns replaced David Neff who has resigned; John Lee Ellis has replaced Charlie Henderson who was temporarily replacing Gary Koenig who resigned. New RBAs (at least relative to 1998) include Russell Hahn, Kevin Main, Darryl Skrabak, John Hughes, Lon Haldeman, and Steven Teal. Also on the list sent to RBAs a few weeks back, Robert Holliday was mistakenly listed as having resigned.

(**): Verbal commitment.