The following letter was sent by registered mail to James Konski, IR Director, in early June 1998. Included with the letter was the Proposal for Change and copies of the forms supporting the proposal, signed by 22 RBAs and 6 well known randonneurs.

Mr. Konski did not respond to this letter.

A Proposal for Change

June 01, 1998

James Konski
International Randonneurs
727 North Salina Street
Syracuse, NY 13208

Dear Jim;

Please consider the following proposal.

IR Regional Brevet Directors, the Advisory Board, and members would like to become more actively involved with the administrative duties of the International Randonneurs.

We would like to restructure the way in which International Randonneurs operates, communicates, and promotes Randonneur events in this country.

In short, we would like to give you all of the credit for what you have done, to date, for bringing recognition to the sport of Randonneur cycling, and for making people aware of Paris-Brest-Paris. But at this time, we would like to take on all of the work.

Our Proposal for Change came about as a group effort initiated by John Wagner, Johnny Bertrand, and Jennifer Wise. We are offering to improve, to update, and to reorganize the IR. We are backed and supported by the people who have signed the enclosed documents.

We would like to:

  1. have a convention, elect a board of directors, and a leader,
  2. delegate the administrative duties to five appointees for two years,
  3. hold an election to see if the IR Regional Administrators, the board of those appointed, and the members wish to retain the services of those in place, or replace them.

We propose establishing an executive commiffee of five:

  1. to handle memberships,
  2. to handle brevet registrations and processing,
  3. to handle all correspondence with France and the ACP,
  4. to handle the newsletter,
  5. and to handle fund raising, dues, and the bank account.

Members and non-members are in need of constant information about Brevets, Paris-Brest-Paris, and other Randonneur events. There needs to be a flow of information back and forth on a regular basis from one source that is responsive to inquiries. Members have to feel a sense of belonging and that they are getting something in return for their annual dues.

We would offer you the position of Director Emeritus and ask that you assume an advisory position, while allowing the executive committee to assume all the responsibility and work of running the organization.

Yours sincerely,

Johnny Bertrand
John Wagner
Jennifer Wise