By Johnny Bertrand

Below is a letter and a reply form sent in the fall of 1989 by ACP's Robert Lepertel to all RBAs of record at the time (approximately 10-15). This letter offered RBAs the option to become Correspondants directs (CDs).

Besides applying the ACP Brevet Rules and paying annual dues, clubs wanting to become CDs had to apply what has become known as the Two Year Rule for the 1991 PBP. Approximately five (5) clubs chose to become CDs in 1989.

CDs correspond directly with ACP. That is, they do any or all of the following according to their needs:

  • submit a brevet calendar,
  • submit brevet results for certification,
  • purchase medals,
  • process control cards (i.e. apply the brevet certifying the card and return it along with any medal ordered to the rider),
  • and register riders for PBP.

CDs effectively by pass IR administratively, having, as dues paying members of RM, all the rights that IR enjoys, save a vote at the quadrennial RM meeting after PBP.

(Note:A few minor corrections have been made in the original. Spelling changes are not noted. Other corrections are noted by sic.)

25 Septembre 89



When we founded the "RANDONNEURS MONDIAUX" with the 7 countries including the United States, we counted on the vitality and enthusiasm of the US.

We have stated several times in the past how disappointed we are to only receive your "brevets" for validation in PBP years. The US is the only RM country that does not respect this clause of the RM charter.

Therefore, we have been obliged, due to the absence of your brevets to take certain decisions for PBP 1991.

All those Randonneurs that have already participated in one or more PBP events will only have to pass the 1991 qualifying brevets 200, 300, 400, and 600 km within the necessary time to register.

Those Randonneurs never having ridden PBP must pass the 200, 300, 400, and 600 km brevets in 1990 and 1991 to qualify, and (it is) (sic) strongly recommended that they do the Boston-Montreal-Boston event in 1990 to adequately prepare themselves for PBP.

The PBP terrain is particularly difficult, with over 360 hills to climb and unpredictable weather conditions (60 hours of rain in 1956).

A 10% abandon rate is we believe a maximum allowable so you must insist that your club members:

  • have bikes and equipment in perfect working order as US bikes often do not conform to French norms for spare parts.
  • have adequate lighting for 2/3 nights of riding on unlighted roads.
  • plan on adequate individual protection measures: night marking, reflectors, helmets (Normally the US sets the example here.)
  • not plan on having a car follow them as this is forbidden.

As James KONSKI has been unable for the past 2 years to centralize the collection of US Brevets and their posting to us for validation, we propose that you become (send) (sic) your brevets directly to us for validation. Upon receipt we will validate your cards and send a copy for the record to James KONSKI.

The cost of becoming a RANDONNEURS MONDIAUX ASSOCIATE MEMBER is 150 FF per year ($30 including bank charges) and 1 FF (one Franc) per Brevet validation.

Enclosed are the RM Brevet rules and regulations for all Clubs holding Brevet events (AFFILIATED INTERNATIONAL RANDONNEURS US ONLY).

Brevet itineraries and dates in 1990 must be received by us on or before 30 OCTOBRE 1989 (These can be faxed to France.)

International Randonneur control cards edited by James KONSKI are perfectly valid, but should you desire to have FRENCH control cards edited by AUDAX CLUB PARISIEN, these are available for 2 FF (two Francs) each.

A reply to this letter positive or negative would (be) (sic) appreciated.

Enclosed is an ACP SOUVENIR water bottle (bidon TA) COMMEMORATING the 100,000th 200 km Brevet.



Avery JUHRING the International coordinator for PBP will be in Vermont with his wife Susan, from 28 Sept. to 4 Nov.

Included is a trip to CALIFORNIA and the LOS ANGELES area for a MIDAS CONVENTION from 22-26 Octobre.

Should you wish to contact him, he can be reached:

BOX 115
Tel: 802-222-904

13 Bd Gallieni
Tel (1) 4308 47 64
FAX (1) 4308 83 65

We suggest that all members procure a FAX or have access to a FAX (to) (sic) speed up validation and registering for the 1991 PBP event. Send your number as soon as available to Avery JUHRING.

PS: Ch. LAMB'S report on Boston-Montreal-Boston included.


CLUB ................................................................

Presiding Officer ................................. (ou LE PRESIDENT)

ADDRESS .............................................................

              STATE ...................... ZIP ......................

              YES .....                    NO ....

1) Our club is in agreement with your letter.

2) Our club would like to join RM.
   Associate Member. Recognizing that
   James KONSKI was one of the COFOUNDERS.

3) Enclose our check for $30 (150 FF plus bank charges)
   to the order: AUDAX CLUB PARISIEN

4) We will use INTERNATIONAL RAND. control cards.

5) We would like to order AUDAX CLUB PARISIEN
   control cards (2 FF each, shipment inc.).
   State number required ......

6) Enclosed our list of 1990 BREVET EVENTS,
   and itineraries (to be received by 30 OCTOBRE 1989)



                   Robert LEPERTEL
                   7 Avenue de Normandie
                   93220 GAGNY (FRANCE)