March 1, 2017 Board Meeting




Held MARCH 1, 2017

A regular meeting of the RUSA Board of Directors was convened by telephone conference and called to order at 2006 EST by the President.

The following Directors were in attendance:

  • Debra Banks
  • John Lee Ellis
  • Nigel Greene
  • Susan Otcenas
  • Paul Rozelle
  • Lois Springsteen
  • Dave Thompson

None were absent. No others were in attendance.

The minutes from the regular meeting of February 8, 2017, were approved.

Discussion was held concerning an application to hold a new 1200K in 2018. A motion to approve the application had been made, seconded, discussed, and voted on by email. The motion carried in the email vote. Further discussion on the application was held and a motion to confirm the email vote was made and seconded. The motion to confirm the email vote passed.

ACTION ITEM: The organizers of the 1200K will be informed that their event is approved to be held in 2018.

Discussion was also held about other 1200s that might be offered in 2018, both those that have been held in previous years and might be held again in 2018, and others that might be new in 2018.

Additional discussion was held on what RUSA can do to promote 1200s and 1000s in addition to having them listed on the website, including offering space in Winter issue of American Randonneur to organizers to introduce their events, announcing upcoming 1200s by email, and other methods of publicity.

ACTION ITEM: Communicate and coordinate with the American Randonneur volunteers concerning space in the Winter issue for publicizing 1200Ks and attendant deadlines.

ACTION ITEM: In connection with the approval of 1200s for 2018, communicate with 1200K organizers about opportunities to publish a short article about their event in the Winter issue of American Randonneur and other opportunities for publicizing their events that RUSA can assist with.

The Board then further discussed communications initiatives, including the viability, logistics, and implementation of a RUSA members-only on-line group or discussion forum. Further discussion would be held by email and would include follow-up with the volunteer who had expressed interest in helping to bring this idea to fruition. 

Other communications initiatives were also discussed, including ideas and suggestions that were received in the 2016 survey of the RBAs. Discussion about these and other communications initiatives would continue by email.

The restocking of items carried by the RUSA store was discussed and it was agreed that the Store, in consultation and with the approval of the Treasurer, would continue to restock items carried by the Store as necessary.

ACTION ITEM: The regular stock of the RUSA Store will be replenished as necessary.

An update on the new RUSA jersey project was received and discussed. Further status updates will be received by email and discussed by email as necessary.

A report was received from the Treasurer on the financial position. At the end of February, there were 2705 members.

Discussion was held concerning the current policy of charging RBAs for non-members who ride events of 200K or longer. Further discussion would be held by email.

An update was received concerning the proposal to permit electronic verification of control passage on permanents. Further status updates and discussion would be held by email.

The meeting was adjourned at 2155 EST.

Next meeting: April 5, 2017, at 2000 EST.