5 New Medals Awarded in Prestigious Group

By Bill Bryant

Five more RUSA members have earned the prestigious title of "Ultra Randonneur" by riding 10 Super Randonneur series of brevets.

Dave Read of Tumwater, WA; Paul Vlasveld of San Jose, CA; Peg Winczewski of Tacoma, WA; and Brenda Barnell of Dallas, TX have joined this select society of long-distance cyclists. Incredibly, Dallas RBA Dan Driscoll has now earned his second Ultra Randonneur medal by riding 10 more SR series since getting his first one in 2005!

As has been the trend in recent times, few of these riders took 10 years to accomplish this feat; all but Mr. Vlasveld did multiple SR series per season instead. Randonneurs USA sends sincere congratulations to all five of these iron-bottomed randonneurs and randonneuses. Bravo!