Bill Bryant

Along with the satisfying sporting achievement from finishing a brevet, the people drawn to randonneuring make one's participation—whether as a rider or as an organizer—very rewarding too. Our sport has been good to me and I'd like to give something back to RUSA and its members. I would like to continue to build upon the successes we made during its first decade, and I can do that by serving on the Board of Directors again. I have a strong record of contributing to RUSA over the years and with your vote I can carry on with that effort.

• Member of RUSA Founders' Group, 1998

• RUSA Board Member 1998 to 2006; RUSA President 2004-2006

• Representative at Randonneurs Mondiaux meetings 1999-2007

• Member RUSA Rules Committee; primary Rules revision(s) writer

• Coordinator for Team Randonnée Events

• Membership Co-Coordinator 1998-2000

• Principle author RUSA Handbook; numerous RUSA website pages; numerous randonneuring articles for American Randonneur; Newsletter Editorial Committee member; PBP 2003 Yearbook Co-Editor; assistant editor PBP 1999 Yearbook

• Creator of La Société Charly Miller, R-12, and Ultra-Randonneur Awards

• Organizing Committee 2001 Gold Rush Randonnée; GRR control co-captain 2001 & 2005

• RBA with Lois Springsteen for Santa Cruz Randonneurs; presented 29 brevets, one Flèches-USA event, and six permanent routes since 2004; co-organizer with Lois of four Davis Bike Club brevets

•Rider: 50+ brevet & flèche participations; PBP finisher in 1983 & 1999

• Recipient of the 2006 American Randonneur award.