By Bill Bryant

Four more names have been added to Roll of Honor for RUSA's Ultra Randonneur award during the first half of 2008. This prestigious medal is earned by completing 10 Super Randonneur series of four brevets (200k-300k-400k-600k) for a minimum distance of 15,000 kilometers. Some randonneurs take 10 or more years to accomplish this feat, while others ride multiple SR series in a single season, sometimes as many as three.

Ohio RBA Bob Waddell, Gary Gottlieb of Texas, and Californian Ken Knutson have all become Ultra Randonneur laureates, and, incredibly, Seattle's Ron Himschoot has earned his second Ultra Randonneur medal! After completing his initial string of 10 SR series in 2002 to earn RUSA's first Ultra Randonneur medal, Ron continued his usual pattern of riding multiple brevet series in the busy Pacific Northwest randonneuring scene each season. He has now completed his SR series #11-20 to also become our 18th Ultra Randonneur.

Randonneurs USA congratulates all four of these hardy, iron-bottomed riders. Bravo, gentlemen!