The Lone Star Randonneurs is full of characters. That includes Bill Rhodes, who is quickly cornering the "most dapper gentlemen" award (see photo). Here's how Bill tells it: "Recently I took my new retro-look bike that I put together on the weekly Wednesday Night Dinner Ride in Plano. One of the ride leaders, a UT-Dallas professor remarked that the bike looked like it should be ridden by an Englishman with his country tweed attire. I took that as a challenge. But how to pull it off without dropping $1,500 on getting the proper English Shooting Suit tailor- made? By sheer luck I found a theatrical and film costume oriented secondhand clothing dealer in Plano, so I was able to get suitable (no pun intended) attire affordably. I wore the outfit on a Wednesday dinner ride. I think the prof's jaw dropped— and he wasn't the only one."