Eighty-seven R-12 medals have been awarded since the program's launch in the fall of 2003. The list includes seven riders from Texas, five from Washington, four from Maryland, two from California, two from Florida, and one each from Arizona, Oregon and Virginia.

The R-12 Award is earned by riding a 200K or longer randonneuring event for 12 consecutive months. The counting event sequence can begin in any month but must continue uninterrupted for another 11 months.

Events that count toward the R-12 Award include RUSA and ACP-sanctioned brevets and 24-hour team events, as well as RUSA permanents of 200K or longer.

Oregon rider Albert Lutz and John Kramer of Washington administer the program.

65 Jeremy Davis North Richardson Hills, TX

66 Ellen Max Maxon Seattle, WA

67 Bill Fox Dallas, TX

68 Michael Sturgill Phoenix, AZ

69 Dean McKenzie Christoval, TX

70 James Gordon San Francisco, CA

71 Jerry Austin Arlington, TX

72 Mark Vinette Bethesda, MD

73 William Arcieri Rockville, MD

74 Brenda Barnell Dallas, TX

75 Donald Boothby Seattle, WA

76 John Preston Plantation, FL

77 Ward Beebe Oak Harbor, WA

78 William Thomas Reeder Alexandria, VA

79 Michael Rowny Chevy Chase, MD

80 Carol Bell Baltimore, MD

81 Don Ellington Coppell, TX

82 Brannon Oates Pasadena, TX

83 Salvador Ortega Salem, OR

84 Henrik Schroeder Lighthouse Point, FL

85 Eric Vigoren Bremerton, WA

86 Mike Richeson Seattle, WA

87 Jon Zbasnik Pleasanton, CA