Eight riders—including 5 from Texas—are the latest RUSA members to earn the R-12 award.

Sixty-four R-12 medals have now been awarded.

Texas randonneurs continue their impressive pursuit of the R-12 medal. Nineteen have earned it this year alone.

Other recipients include Oregon rider Albert Lutz, who administers the R-12 program with John Kramer of Washington.

The R-12 Award is earned by riding a 200K or longer randonneuring event for 12 consecutive months. The counting event sequence can begin in any month but must continue uninterrupted for another 11 months.

Events that count toward the R-12 Award include RUSA and ACP-sanctioned brevets and 24-hour team events, as well as RUSA permanents of 200K or longer.

57 Brad Flickner Mansfield, TX

58 Albert Lutz Tigard, OR

59 Thomas Mohan Ocala, FL

60 George Evans Rockwall, TX

61 Marlyn Martinez Houston, TX

62 Patrick Nolan McKinney, TX

63 John Rhodes Greenville, TX

64 George Winkert Highland, MD