The RUSA Board has made two changes to two different types of events starting in 2008:

• For the American Randonneur Challenge award (ARC), riders can only ride two or more 1200k events in the same year to earn the ARC; they will no longer be able to use the 1000k + 200k option offered in some events as a counting event for the ARC.

• For Team Randonnees, riders can no longer get kilometer credit for RUSA Distance Awards (360 kms for 24-hour team events or 180 kms for a 12-hour team event) if they fail to finish with their team.

In past years, if the team lost a member or fell apart before the finish, individuals making the finish within the time limit were given the kilometers.

Beginning in 2008, the team must finish together with a minimum of 3 members if anyone is to earn any event credit or award. Those who arrive alone will not earn any individual kilometers or awards.